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Kotlin as Google’s official programming language

Many of you may know, Google I/O 2017 happened a few days ago and they have made a few new announcements, we as Android Developers oughta pay attention to.

The biggest one is the introduction of Kotlin as Google Official Language. 

That’s a big one because it shows that Google is thinking in moving towards Kotlin in the next year, but I wouldn’t jump the ship yet.  Java will still be the main Programming Language used to Develop Native Android Apps for a while, and I wouldn’t advise you to put it aside anytime soon; plus, Kotlin is still an evolving language and it will take a little bit for it to mature.  This is still a great course for you to learn Java and Android Development.

Kotlin is a great new language.  It’s supposed to be better at doing things that Java falls short.  It’s also elegant, concise and very powerful.  Above all, Kotlin and Java will be able to “play nicely together” – meaning you will be able to use Java and Kotlin interchangeably which is amazing!


Now, I have a question for you.  Knowing that Kotlin is going to be the language every Android Developer needs to know, would you be interested in having a Complete Android Development Course Using Kotlin?  We would still have the current course(s) of course, but since we have to think ahead, I think it’s important to start preparing for Kotlin soon.  What do you think?

Let’s know if you would would buy a Kotlin Android course, if we produced one for you guys.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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